Southern fried chicken tonight!

I had some left over cornmeal from making a pretty horrible cornbread the other day which was a bit of a boob. :/. I used up the left over cornmeal by making southern fried chicken. NOM. Simple as really, dunk your chicken thigh fillets in buttermilk and coat them in seasoned cornmeal with chilli flakes. Fry them in a pan with ground nut oil (so that it doesn’t spit at you or burn really easily), flip over and then place on kitchen roll to drain. They were bloody gorgeous with a bit of salad dressed with lime & olive oil and some deep fried courgettes. They were so much better than KFC. Our boiler wouldn’t let us put the heating on that night (for some unknown, irritating reason) but it didn’t matter though as we ate very warming and indulgent food to make up for it!

chickensalad and chicken

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