Rough puff pastry


ROUGH PUFF PASTRY. Do I need to say anymore? It’s packed with butter, tastes amazing and will probably decrease your life span by 1 hour with every bite. To make this pastry all you have to do is cut up a stick of cold butter and rub it into some flour and mix with water. To make it puff up you have to leave lumps of butter visible in the dough. I followed a recipe on the BBC good food website which was quick and simple to do.  I cheated though and put the pastry in the freezer for half the time stated to speed up the cooling process because I was HUNGRY and had mouths to feed. The filling was a creamy chicken, mushroom and bacon affair which was also very unhealthy but SO, SO good. Next I’m going to have to give proper puff pastry a go without cheating and buying it from the supermarket. Hmmm. Still haven’t started that training for the half-marathon yet. Should probably get on that soon…


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