Mince pie hunt

It’s official. Christmas is on its way. I just ate my first mince pie of the year and it was scrumptious. Good buttery pastry filled with sweet, sweet fruit. This particular mince pie was from Aldi, which I would recommend. Usually each year I work my round each of the supermarkets to find the best mince pie. I think last year it was between M&S and Morrisons.  I can’t wait to get baking some mince pies this year, I really like stamping out the pastry which is also my favourite bit about biscuit making too. One year I made my own mincemeat and it was an extremely boozy Nigella affair in which I remember spending a long time searching for my final stone in the pan. I think a better methodology would pay off this year. If you come across an excellent recipe or a shop bought mince pie that needs attention because it is just fabulous, please fill me in on the details.

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