Sticky toffee pudding

When I think of something as naughty as sticky toffee pudding, my mind wanders instantly to Nigella land. I followed her recipe which had a peculiar methodology. The pudding mixture is made first (makes senses) with an enormous amount of chopped dates in it. The toffee sauce is made next by dumping a load of dark brown sugar and butter on top of the uncooked pudding batter and then pouring boiling water over it… it looked very odd. I sort of whimpered as I poured the water on as it felt very unnatural to do!

Doesn’t that look a mess? Anyway, it turned out pretty well in the end. Good amount of sauce to pudding ratio although next time I think I’ll use less dates and add more butter. 


Bob on with a dollop of thick double cream. I think I’ll try Jamie Oliver’s recipe next.

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