Wedding cake fun

I’ve been asked to make a wedding cake for a family friend. I’m extremely excited and have made a practise one. This cake is Spring themed and has a chocolate base with a lemon & ginger one on top. 

I used Mary Berry’s royal icing recipe which was easy to make.

I learnt a valuable lesson. Next time I’ll put regal icing on the cake first to stop any crumbs getting into the fluffy white icing. I also used doweling for the first time to give the cake support. The cake will have four tiers on the big day with two fruit layers on the bottom.

The flowers were made out of petal petal and placed carefully into the icing until they stuck. The icing goes stiff relatively quickly so I had to work fast.


The bride specifically asked for a choppy iced look with flowers creeping up the side. I like her style. 

Best bit about making tiered cakes? The left over bits of cake from levelling and shaping the sponge. I felt pretty sick afterwards in a very good way. Nom!

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