Mince pie mayhem

I made a big pot of cranberry mincemeat a few weeks ago and made mince pies on Christmas Eve. I put a few hours into making my large batch of mince pies and made quite a mess. I taste tested the mincemeat (a la Nigella) which  was pleasing and got to work on my sweet shortcrust pastry. I greased my tins rigorously and rolled out my pastry cases. I used a cornflour based recipe which was very short and delicious but very difficult to work with. I popped my mincemeat into the cases and put the tops on and baked them. 

As you can see I cut out holly for some and made lattices for others. They turned out pretty good when baked…


However, 50% of my batch wouldn’t come out of the tin and looked like I had sat on them.

So beware, best to twist them out of the tins and if you think you did a good job greasing .. think again and add more butter! 

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