What a tuile to tell…

I decided to make some tuiles tonight. Pretty tricky business if you ask me… it’s fiddly and burns your fingers as you have to work so quickly. Tuiles are very delicate, shapely French biscuits made with lots of whisked egg whites to keep them light. If you are on the good end of a tuile then it should be crisp, golden and absolutely delightful. However, if it’s anything like my first attempt then they are soggy, thick and quite frankly a little disappointing.

I followed the tuile recipe very carefully and realised after trying it free style that it was a very bad idea. Also, it is good to check that your oven remains on whilst baking as mine has a timer on it and I stared blankly into my oven wondering why the hell nothing was happening.

Anyway, I digress. A stencil is required, ideally made from baking parchment or thin plastic. This way you can spread the mixture awkwardly onto your NON STICK baking tray (greased with a little oil) through the stencil. I tried baking the tuiles onto baking parchment itself – don’t bother with that, noone has time for that crumbly mess.

Cook at gas mark 3 for about five minutes and quickly whip it off the tray with a palette knife or spatula like implement. It’s very important to burn your fingers whilst draping them carefully onto a rolling pin (that where the flavour comes from 😜).

Voila! 3 hours later you have one excellent butterfly tuile. Hmmmm. Filling.


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