Happy pancake day!


 Love, love, love pancake day! Technically every Saturday is pancake day for me so it’s nice to mix it up and have them on a Tuesday. I never measure my ingredients, I just plop all the ingredients into my magic bullet and blend away! Making the batter in a hand held blender and pouring the batter into the pan is really easy. I usually make a mess when I use a spoon as I put it down all over the place and drop it a few times…. I aim for a really thick batter so the pancakes cook are thick and leathery in a good way. Today’s toppings were berries and honey as I have eaten all my maple syrup without realising it…. 


 Sometimes it is necessary to make an E.T. pancake dressed up with a hat on and a pearl necklace for funsies…. Living on the wild side.

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