Wedding flowers 

I’ve been making flowers all weekend out of petal paste for some wedding cakes I will be making in the next few weeks. It’s a time consuming and fiddly venture but so so rewarding. It’s also something one can do whilst burning quickly through Ally Mcbeal DVD box sets. I’m definitely in a 90’s mindset today. It’s all short skirts, Britney Spears and hair clips in this house today.

I have to say I’m a bit of a mess now, I’m covered in sugar and food dye. My hands look like I just murdered someone  but I can assure you that this is because my quest was to make purple and that came at a small cost. I’m sure my work colleagues will be asking what on earth I’ve been up to. I reckon having sugar flowers instead of real flowers in a bouquet at a wedding would work out cheaper and you could actually keep them afterwards. Alas, my mind drifts. My main point is, make flowers out of sugar, it’s very calming if you don’t flick food dye down your white t-shirt or knock edible glue everywhere. Happy Sunday everyone!


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