Gluten-free lemon drizzle

I’m on the hunt for a scrummy gluten free lemon cake recipe at the moment. I followed a BBC good food recipe that substituted wheat flour for mashed potato and ground almonds. The mixture was quite sloppy compared to normal cake mixture and smelt a bit like dinner. The cake achieved a good rise from all the eggs in it which I was quite impressed with. After drizzling it with lemon syrup and cutting into it, it became quite apparent that I had actually made something of a lemon Spanish omelette…. This cake kind of represented the day I’ve had really as I found out that my boiler had broken and a CHILLED shower is not the best way to kick start the day. This recipe made me miss wheat dearly. My quest for gluten free cake continues …. I won’t be making this one again but I’m sure there will be someone free of gluten out there who really does enjoy lemon omelettes.

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