Easter bunny cake

Happy Easter everyone! I decided to make a hill top and cover it in frollocking bunnies. My favourite bunny is the grey one with the surprised expression. I don’t really like the white one lurking behind the grey bunny… looks a bit shifty to me. I actually made a lemon & lime drizzle cake which is a little controversial for Easter Sunday, but I have made an awful lot of chocolate cakes recently.

Look at their little bunny tails! I had a lovely rainy Saturday making these bunnies. My sister owns a couple of Lionhead bunnies so the white and brown bunny is an impression of her less evil bunny (she has one which isn’t so friendly – we don’t really know why).


These bunnies may look innocent but they have actually stolen lots of mini eggs from some chicks (no-one knows what condition they were left in) and were then hidden (rather badly) inside the tree trunk. So this cake is a little bit more Watership Down than one might think upon initial inspection.

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