Olive oil fennel poofs!

I felt like a baking something a bit weird and wonderful tonight. I think for the first time in a very long time I put down the butter. I know. Unheard of in these rather confusing political times. So I googled olive oil biscuits and found a doughy situation on the following website :
Super Quick and Easy Olive Oil Biscuits

I followed the recipe and then decided to just keeping adding things so I threw in some semolina, sugar and 2 tablespoons of fennel. They baked really fast and I was glad I oiled my tray well. I sprinkled the golden dollopy looking biscuits in icing sugar and had a taste. Not bad! Actually rather interesting. Fennel it turns out is delightful in a biscuit! 

And if you do pick up the butter and smother it all over it , it’s even better!!!!

So much for putting the butter down. 

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