Save your split ganache!!!

I’ve made chocolate ganache for years and this morning it was a total flop. I heated my double cream slowly and took it off the heat before the boil. I threw in the chopped up chocolate and stirred it. I looked away, looked back, and it was a bloody mess! All grainy and split or ‘seized’ as the chocolatiers call it. I was very upset as I had a deadline and no time to start phaffing about buying new ingredients. Then I learnt, you can save it !!! The reason it’s split is because the fat content is too high. I used a baking chocolate which I don’t usually use because it was on offer. This is where I went wrong, always opt for non-baking chocolate. Anyway, I warmed a little milk and whisked it in quickly. Only a tad each time, I just stopped when it looked shiny and smooth. So there you have it, no need to panic, as Bridget Jones’ mother would say ‘just stir it Una’.


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