Mirror glaze cake

I challenged myself to making a mirror glaze cake this weekend. After a lot of research and reading, I still managed to fluff it up. A word of caution to anyone who wants to make a mirror glaze, it is a sticky, convoluted and expensive cake if you keep making mistakes….

I made a light vanilla sponge with a thin layer of vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam inside. I coated the cake in buttercream and smoothed out the sides and top. This is really important, you need a really smooth surface for the glaze to stick to and dribble across. In retrospect, I needed to smooth mine a little bit longer as even the SLIGHTEST bump or crumb is exaggerated once the glaze is on top of it. The crumb-coated cake needs to be refrigerated for about half an hour before glazing.  Another layer of buttercream is a good idea and then just keep smoothing until you can’t stand to smooth anymore.

To make the glaze:

  • 1 sachet of powdered gelatine (mixed in 40ml water)
  • 255g white sugar
  • 112 g condensed milk
  • 170ml water
  • 300g white chocolate chopped up

The gelatine should be ‘bloomed’ in a small amount of  water before starting ( I didn’t realise gelatine should be ‘bloomed’- it just means rehydrate it). Don’t bother sniffing it, it’s HORRIBLE. Just pour, stir and leave. No breathing, set to one side. Mix the water, sugar and condensed milk in a pan and gently warm until it starts to boil. Take off the heat and stir in the chopped white chocolate. Whisk like mad to get everything melted and mixed well. Pour mixture into four or five bowls and add a little food colour of your choice. This is the IMPORTANT BIT, leave to cool!!!! It should be poured when the temperature is around 30°C. I broke my thermometer a while ago, so when it feels cool to the dipped finger, then it’s time to give it a go. The next bit is fun or very disappointing depending on how it goes. Place the cake on a wired tray with lots of cling film underneath. Pour the different colours onto the cake to make a rippled pattern. I added gold glitter to my mixture just before I poured it. The trick is to do the sides first and then work your way into the middle. I did this and the cake looked fab, I was very proud of myself, did a little dance, came back five minutes later and the whole lot had rolled off the cake. ************. Please see picture below:


I hadn’t cling filmed my tray and all the colours had melted into one big mess. I had to go back to Sainsburys and buy more white chocolate and start again, pfffft. By this point, I had splodged blue glaze all over the kitchen floor, everything was sticky and I was pretty grumpy. After much mopping, I calmed myself down and went back to the shops to discover I had bought 300g of dark chocolate. I recommend you do not do this, clearly I was not with it by this point and got very annoyed upon discovering this. Round 2 of making mirror glaze was again unsuccessful. I tried to use lighter colours but it all melted together to make a Halloween-like mess (there was orange, purple and green present). It looked gross when I poured it over a partially glazed cake of various dark shades of blue and green. Finally, I commenced Round 3 by colouring over it again to just make purple and turquoise. I slopped it on the cake (all patience had evaporated by this point) and it finally looked worthy of eating.


The glaze itself takes a matter of minutes to make but the cooling part takes longer (30-50 minutes). If you pour glittery glaze on first and dribble non-glitter glaze over the top you can achieve a rather nice look.


I wish anyone who wants to make a glaze the best of luck. You know why.


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