Welly wanging cake

It’s taken me a week to get over this caketastrophe. My sister had a welly wanging party for her birthday so I thought it would be nice to bake her a simple Wellington boot cake. How very wrong I was. Sometimes, things just don’t work out and when you bake as much I do, it only makes sense that the disaster would occur on the same day as trying to impress extended family.

It started off well, the elderflower and lemon cake tasted zesty and shaped up okay. The problem I didn’t foresee is that the buttercream would separate as it contained cream and elderflower cordial. Hmmmm.

The next error I made was not thinking ahead and that the buttercream would need refrigerating because of the cream. So I iced it ahead of time so that I could go to work. No no. Never put fondant icing in the fridge. I did know this but thought that physics wouldn’t affect me on the one day I needed it not to.

Like many a good person, the boot found it’s primary support in wine. I hastily iced it whilst watching the Royal wedding (same morning as party) and watched it slowly bow before me. Here is the cake ten minutes before I put it in the car:

As the shaft of the welly made its way to the table, I decided to take it down for its own good.

It was Bake Off worthy for about 1 minute. In the end, the welly was well and truly wanged.


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