WW2 cake


I made a WW2 cake for my boyfriend’s grandad’s 90th birthday. Ken was from the East End but somehow ended up in the Welsh regiment of the British Army….. I’m sure there is a story there but I need to dig that one up! The badge on the cake depicts the ‘Prince of Wales’s feathers’ with the phrase ‘Ich dien’ which means ‘I serve’ in German. Ken likes to tell stories about the war without much prompting in addition to where he likes to walk his cat. Thus, it only seemed right to put his cat ‘Bobby’ on the side of the cake.

This cake is a sticky vanilla sponge with a very thick layer of vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. Happy 90th birthday Ken!

BB-8 birthday cake!


I made a coffee and walnut cake smothered in dark chocolate ganache for my boyfriend’s birthday. Matt is a huge Star Wars fan and fell in love with BB-8 when the film was released. I saw this as an excellent cake challenge. To make this cake, I used a half sphere cake tin and baked two halves and stuck them together. Icing the sphere was quite tricky but nailed it in the end! Several orange shapes later and a good dusting and BB-8 looked mucky enough to me. ūüôā

I popped a candle in BB-8’s belly to give him his ‘thumbs up’. The birthday cake went down pretty well, check out the birthday boy!


Check out this link for tips on making a BB-8 cake:

One big buttery cake!!!!


Now, everyone knows I am very fond of butter but I have to say I’m even MORE fond of my sister!! D’accord, I decided to give her the gift of beautiful butter colours shaped to perfection. What a lucky girl. I’m pretty proud of this one… you can probably pick up on the positive butter vibes surrounding this blog post.


I made 1.75 kg of vanilla buttercream for this cake. BY HAND. My electric whisk died during the first 30 seconds of making the buttercream. I developed several blisters on my hands from making this one – worth it though, but I am looking into another whisk. ¬†I coloured the icing and then plopped it into large piping bags. I put the cake onto my turn table and piped a layer of each colour round the edge of the cake and spun the table. I tried to get nice even layers with a good amount of buttercream present. I then took my cake spreader at a 45 degree angle to the cake and smoothed it all over whilst turning the table. I put the cake in the fridge to harden up and then put some dowelling in it to support the top layer. Bit of piping round the middle and bon, c’est fini mes amies..


Happy 24th birthday to my really FUN sister!!!! You deserve a fun cake. ūüôā

I have to say the washing up for this was a BUGGER. But that is the price of butter love.


Hobbies cake!

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My dad turned 60 at the end of April and to celebrate I made him a very sticky chocolate cake. I have decided that this is my favourite chocolate recipe (see link below) and it’s LOADED with chocolate ganache. I decorated my dad’s cake with a sprinkling of his hobbies… scrap booking, dinosaurs, bird watching, being nosey (hence the binoculars) and a love of cars. My dad also has an unusual habit of placing glac√© cherries on top of any starter he makes for fancy dinner parties… prawn cocktails, crab cakes, you name it, if he can float, balance or wedge a glac√© cherry on it then it will be present! Naturally, I respectfully put a cherry on top…..


Golf cake

I was given the delightful challenge of doing a lady golf cake this week for a 60th birthday celebration. The remit was : golf lady, pony tail, visor and funny. So here is the result! The only way I have ever got a golf ball in the right place is either kicking it when no one is looking or blowing it in the hole (although that would be crazy golf not serious golf….)

Nothing quite like a gratuitous ass shot….. I plopped her golf club by her side and painted it silver so it looked snazzy. Matching trousers, bobble and visor at the ready. No jeans. God no. I couldn’t have her kicked off her own cake for not wearing the appropriate ensemble.


Happy 60th birthday Jane!!!! May you have a fabulous day.



House cake

My sister-in-law-to-be turned 30 this weekend and to celebrate I made a cake with a GIGANTIC version of her ‘godzillaing’ around her new house. I popped her MX5 on the drive, a BBQ in the garden and added an apple tree where I think they should plant one. Nothing quite like a friendly, iced suggestion ūüôā

IMG_4340Happy 30th Birthday to Cleo! May you stomp around your proportionally sized house with grace and poise.

Reese’s Pieces cake

Reeses Pieces

I was asked to make a Reese’s Pieces birthday cake for a dear friend. I made a chocolate cake and filled it with a layer of peanut buttercream inside and out. I topped it off with lots of dark chocolate ganache and cut up Reese’s Pieces. ¬†Sometimes it’s nice to play with chocolate and buttercream instead of icing for a change.¬†Peanut buttercream is quite possibly one of the best substances on the planet. You have to use smooth peanut butter as I think crunchy peanut butter would be much less magical. No-one wants non-magical peanut buttercream. It’s a good thing I bought extra Reese’s Pieces as my nephew of 18 months was found eating the toppings whilst I was out of the kitchen!

This recipe is definitely worth checking out.


Tea party cake!


My latest challenge was designing a tea party cake. I made a light vanilla sponge and smothered it in rich vanilla buttercream. I put a base layer of icing on the cake before ‘throwing’ the tablecloth on so that the table had a smooth surface.¬†I¬†cut out a big circle of icing (~10 inches diameter for a 8 inch cake) and draped it over carefully, the folds naturally appeared which was rather lucky. I let the¬†icing dry for hours before gluing on the iced tea set so I didn’t make¬†fingerprints and imperfections. I never realised how important cocktail sticks were until I started icing cakes, they are just so handy to poke tiny objects into¬†position. I also learnt that piping mistakes onto dried icing at 2 in the morning is okay because it just wipes off!¬†The tea set was constructed with lightly¬†coloured Regal icing and bits of wire. I stuck everything down with Royal icing which is¬†essentially cake cement and is now my answer to every cake problem.


A big thank you to Jane for challenging me to such a cute cake idea. What will the next cake challenge be? Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmm….

One big jazzy

It’s my brother’s birthday today and to celebrate I¬†made a GIGANTIC jazzy. I baked a¬†chocolate fudge cake and covered it in chocolate butter cream and¬†coated it in¬†hundreds and thousands.¬†It¬†dawned on me that perhaps taking the cake into the garden would be a better idea than chucking hundreds and thousands of hundreds and thousands all about the kitchen. It is safe to say that the cake (and the garden) have been decorated.

DSCN6256This cake was baked using one of Juliet Sear’s recipe from her book ‘The Cake Decorating Bible’. Juliet is amazing, I have learnt so much from her book and thoroughly recommend buying it or at least googling her for inspiration. My sister told me last week that Adele is one of her spirit animals and I must admit that I think Juliet is one of mine.




Pig Cake!

I’ve just got back from a fabulous beach¬†holiday¬†and am slowly adjusting to real life again. I¬†relaxed so much that I managed to achieve an ameobe-like state by day 3 and could barely remember my name by day 5. I have to say that Spanish desserts aren’t my favourite¬†and¬†are usually¬†square in shape with a luminous, gelatinous¬†substances on top. Hmmmm. ¬†I have apologised to all of my baking tins for abandoning them briefly and have finally reacquainted myself with my oven. My incredibly unreliable oven. Anyway, I was having a look at some of my past bakes and found my pig cake. This was a birthday cake full of buttercream and strawberry jam made for my boyfriend’s dad. He was pretty chuffed with it as he a weakness for piglets and jam.

iPhone May 2015 135

When I look back at some of my cakes I think how far I’ve come. If you check out the cake I made for my own dad he got a rather interesting dinosaur cake. One might call it a transvestasaurus… as it has certain qualities that I managed to gloriously capture. What have I learnt so far? Well icing lessons are a must, good quality regal icing is key and also STAY AWAY GEL ICING for detail because it just runs everywhere. Also, animals should not look like cars with ugly shapes for legs propped up next to them. Working the icing to warm it up properly¬†before you use it is really important¬†to avoid cracks!