Golf cake

I was given the delightful challenge of doing a lady golf cake this week for a 60th birthday celebration. The remit was : golf lady, pony tail, visor and funny. So here is the result! The only way I have ever got a golf ball in the right place is either kicking it when no one is looking or blowing it in the hole (although that would be crazy golf not serious golf….)

Nothing quite like a gratuitous ass shot….. I plopped her golf club by her side and painted it silver so it looked snazzy. Matching trousers, bobble and visor at the ready. No jeans. God no. I couldn’t have her kicked off her own cake for not wearing the appropriate ensemble.


Happy 60th birthday Jane!!!! May you have a fabulous day.



House cake

My sister-in-law-to-be turned 30 this weekend and to celebrate I made a cake with a GIGANTIC version of her ‘godzillaing’ around her new house. I popped her MX5 on the drive, a BBQ in the garden and added an apple tree where I think they should plant one. Nothing quite like a friendly, iced suggestion ūüôā

IMG_4340Happy 30th Birthday to Cleo! May you stomp around your proportionally sized house with grace and poise.

Laboratory Cake

I was asked to make a retirement cake for a work colleague who is gracefully retiring after a long career as a research scientist. This particular individual was pretty damn good at what he did and had a passion for Ornithology (thus the birds!). I thought it was fitting to put Bob in a crisp white lab coat with a light microscope and Gilson pipette. No one can do science without touching those particular items at some point…

and this one

Thinking about it, Bob should really be wearing blue nitrile gloves and safety spectaculars. Pretty poor laboratory practice really. Not to mention letting wild animals into the lab space….

edited Bob

Enjoy your retirement Bob! May you never touch a clinical waste bin again.

Easter bunny cake

Happy Easter everyone! I decided to make a hill top and cover it in frollocking bunnies. My favourite bunny is the grey one with the surprised expression. I don’t really like the white one lurking behind the grey bunny… looks a bit shifty to me. I actually made a lemon & lime drizzle cake which is a little controversial for Easter Sunday, but I have made an awful lot of chocolate cakes¬†recently.

Look at their little bunny tails! I had a lovely rainy Saturday making these¬†bunnies. My sister owns a couple of Lionhead bunnies so the white and brown bunny is an impression of her less evil bunny (she has one which isn’t so friendly – we don’t really know why).


These bunnies may look innocent but they have actually stolen lots of mini eggs from some chicks (no-one knows what condition they were left in) and were then hidden (rather badly) inside the tree trunk. So this cake is a little bit more Watership Down than one might think upon initial inspection.

Reese’s Pieces cake

Reeses Pieces

I was asked to make a Reese’s Pieces birthday cake for a dear friend. I made a chocolate cake and filled it with a layer of peanut buttercream inside and out. I topped it off with lots of dark chocolate ganache and cut up Reese’s Pieces. ¬†Sometimes it’s nice to play with chocolate and buttercream instead of icing for a change.¬†Peanut buttercream is quite possibly one of the best substances on the planet. You have to use smooth peanut butter as I think crunchy peanut butter would be much less magical. No-one wants non-magical peanut buttercream. It’s a good thing I bought extra Reese’s Pieces as my nephew of 18 months was found eating the toppings whilst I was out of the kitchen!

This recipe is definitely worth checking out.

Spring wedding cake

Spring has officially sprung! What could be more fabulous than a spring themed wedding cake? I have to say, for my second wedding cake I’m very proud of myself! Working from the top to the bottom, the tiers contained almond cake, lemon cake, chocolate cake and fruit cake. This cake can feed up to 134 people or 120 without the top tier. The flowers and butterflies were prepared by myself and the help of my sister in January out of modelling paste. I coloured the sweet peas to the colour of the bridesmaids dresses and kept the whole cake very dainty. Everything was cemented in place with Royal icing including the topper which was ordered from¬†Weedots & Just Toppers based in Essex (link below). Such lovely bunting! All of the piping detail on the cake was also done with Royal icing with different sized piping nozzles.¬†I lost a bit of sleep over delivering the cake to the venue as I thought the butterflies might flutter away during transit. Luckily, only one butterfly was sacrificed during the journey and was promptly replaced by a spare one I had made!

wedding cake

Many congratulations to Mr & Mrs Percy on their wedding and a big thank you to Pam Percy for asking me to make it!



Pearl wedding anniversary cake

I made a pearl wedding anniversary cake with a pair of flumpies on! The bottom tier is a lemon & poppy seed drizzle cake and the top tier is a vanilla sponge smothered in lots of chocolate ganache. I love making chocolate ganache, it’s an excellent medium to spatula onto a cake. The best part is licking out the bowl though, and later finding it all over your face after having had several long conversations with different people throughout the day. Hmmm… anyway, ¬†I always use dark chocolate with 70% cocoa solids for a good strong flavour. I let the cake cool before icing it to give a solid surface to work on so that the cake looks nice and smoooooooth.

I gave this cake to my boyfriend’s parents to enjoy as a surprise. This cake was also put together to celebrate a new engagement in the family, thus I popped a horse shoe on it as well! Maybe I should start putting horse shoes on all of my cakes… after all, everybody needs a little bit of good luck.




Rose themed wedding cake

This cake has been a labour of love all week. I worked out that I have spent 28 hours making roses and leaves out of sugar and a further 37 hours shopping, ordering supplies, baking, assembling and icing this monster of a cake. I have to say I am pretty tired, but it is the best kind of satisfied tired I have been in a long time.

I have learnt many lessons whilst making this cake. The most important lesson was letting the iced tiers dry separately before assembling together. Secondly, one must use a large pizza peel to move the cakes about without marking them. And thirdly, Royal icing is now my favourite icing as it sealed up any gaps between the tiers and smoothed over any unwanted cracks. If you are ever asked to make a wedding cake, think about where you buy your supplies from as you can easily cut costs by ordering cake boards, icing and boxes from warehouses. Making flowers takes time and should be started weeks before the wedding day, I accidentally dropped a few (which was heartbreaking) and it is a good idea to make more than you think you’ll need. Doweling is ESSENTIAL and shouldn’t be overlooked. I worked out that the cake weighs about 30kg and that poor fruit cake at the bottom has to support quite a lot of that weight. One must respect the fruit cake and stick many a dowel in it so that no caketastrophes occur (that is what Juliet Sear calls them).

edited wedding cake

Cakes should be transported SLOWLY and on a flat surface in the back a car (balancing a 30kg cake on a car seat is a disastrous idea). I was a great lover of google this week as every cake query I had was fixed in a matter of minutes. Now I know what to expect whilst making a wedding cake and I think the next one will be a lot easier (but not necessarily any lighter).

Tea party cake!


My latest challenge was designing a tea party cake. I made a light vanilla sponge and smothered it in rich vanilla buttercream. I put a base layer of icing on the cake before ‘throwing’ the tablecloth on so that the table had a smooth surface.¬†I¬†cut out a big circle of icing (~10 inches diameter for a 8 inch cake) and draped it over carefully, the folds naturally appeared which was rather lucky. I let the¬†icing dry for hours before gluing on the iced tea set so I didn’t make¬†fingerprints and imperfections. I never realised how important cocktail sticks were until I started icing cakes, they are just so handy to poke tiny objects into¬†position. I also learnt that piping mistakes onto dried icing at 2 in the morning is okay because it just wipes off!¬†The tea set was constructed with lightly¬†coloured Regal icing and bits of wire. I stuck everything down with Royal icing which is¬†essentially cake cement and is now my answer to every cake problem.


A big thank you to Jane for challenging me to such a cute cake idea. What will the next cake challenge be? Dum dum dummmmmmmmmmm….

One big jazzy

It’s my brother’s birthday today and to celebrate I¬†made a GIGANTIC jazzy. I baked a¬†chocolate fudge cake and covered it in chocolate butter cream and¬†coated it in¬†hundreds and thousands.¬†It¬†dawned on me that perhaps taking the cake into the garden would be a better idea than chucking hundreds and thousands of hundreds and thousands all about the kitchen. It is safe to say that the cake (and the garden) have been decorated.

DSCN6256This cake was baked using one of Juliet Sear’s recipe from her book ‘The Cake Decorating Bible’. Juliet is amazing, I have learnt so much from her book and thoroughly recommend buying it or at least googling her for inspiration. My sister told me last week that Adele is one of her spirit animals and I must admit that I think Juliet is one of mine.