Valentine’s biscuits

I had a good bash at making some heart biscuits. They are a little wonky but that’s because they’re full of love. Wonky love. The method was surprisingly fiddly, I used the following recipe:

The recipe involves making a basic vanilla shortbread and colouring one third of the dough pink. The pink dough is cut into lots of hearts which are stuck together and frozen in a log. 2 hours later you wrap the frozen hearts with the rest of the pliable plain shortbread mixture. Many more hours chilling the biscuit dough and then you slice them up and bung ’em in the oven. Pretty tasty buttery treats. 

Anyway. Fill your Valentine’s Day with butter…… buttery hearts!

Christmas gingerbread

Gingerbread is so fun to make and they smell glorious right from the start. I followed a BBC website recipe but upped the spices a bit (an extra tsp of ginger and one tsp ground  nutmeg). Simply mix the spices into the flour, rub in some butter and then add sugar, eggs and golden syrup. It’s cheap to make and is a great idea for a Christmas present. I took mine to my Christmas work fuddle today and they were DEMOLISHED. So I really do recommend this recipe. Also chilling the biscuit dough is really important so that you get the right shapes at the end and it is easy to roll out. Gingerbread dough is generally a dry mixture so never be tempted to add more liquid otherwise you won’t get the right bite to it.