WW2 cake


I made a WW2 cake for my boyfriend’s grandad’s 90th birthday. Ken was from the East End but somehow ended up in the Welsh regiment of the British Army….. I’m sure there is a story there but I need to dig that one up! The badge on the cake depicts the ‘Prince of Wales’s feathers’ with the phrase ‘Ich dien’ which means ‘I serve’ in German. Ken likes to tell stories about the war without much prompting in addition to where he likes to walk his cat. Thus, it only seemed right to put his cat ‘Bobby’ on the side of the cake.

This cake is a sticky vanilla sponge with a very thick layer of vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam. Happy 90th birthday Ken!


Moving around

I move around a lot, I recently moved to Liverpool and made my boyfriend a house warming cake. This was a lush, chocolate cake filled with a naughty chocolate butter cream. I remember eating a considerable amount of chocolate whilst I was making it. I made this cake to practise icing cakes, particularly rolling out Regal icing evenly and watering it down for Regal ice piping. I’m rather fond of animals that look grumpy which is probably why this cake ended up with a grumpy cat sat on it with a passive aggressive note. I grew up with a rather grumpy cat in my house which probably explains why I like them so much.