Piping Times

Just had a piping lesson on this very foggy Sunday morning. I learnt so much about piping consistency, technique and most importantly piping bag assembly. I have had one too many piping bag disaster! But never again as I go forth into the world much, much wiser.  This is only the beginning, I shall practise and practise until my hand falls off and Mary Berry visits my house to congratulate me on my beautifully piped wedding cake tiers. Live the dream!

Pretty little flower basket

Last night I finished my flower icing course. I’m sad it’s over as I really enjoyed it. We learnt how to make pulled flowers, roses, leaves and how to make a basket out of petal paste. The result is really pretty and would look great on a celebration cake. I went for a citrus colour scheme to try and match the colours of the Autumn leaves outside my window. Petal paste dries out really fast, so you have work quickly and roll it out very thinly to get it to resemble anything that looks remotely like a petal. The flowers are stuck into the basket by using a big blob of Regal icing inside so that you can position and re-position the flowers and leaves until you get an arrangement you like. Petal paste is more expensive than Regal icing but I recommend a play with it if you want to make something with really thin parts.



Today my sister and I went on an animal modelling course with Jan Galloway. It was SO much fun and we made all kinds of farm yard animals. From now on all my cakes will have a cow or a sheep on them.  Think of the baaaa—rthday cakes I could create…. I think the cow-riding chicken is the best, I shall name him Ralph. I accidentally drowned a few ducks whilst placing them in the pond, they don’t look that disturbed from their little accident. The horse looks just like Bullseye out of Toy Story!